About us

Here at Mravenecek Skolka we offer exceptional above average teaching in both English and Czech.  We have a native English speaker present in the kindergarten all day which allows the children to learn English in a non-threatening and natural environment

What makes us special as a kindergarten is that we are a private, small, family owned and run kindergarten which allows us to give the individual attention to support your child’s development and learning.  We are also proud to focus on artistic activities which aim to support the children’s creative abilities and fantasies.  Of course, we develop the children in other areas including, exercise (sokolovna), playing flute, logopedia, swimming lessons, visits to theater, and many other excursions.

Our kindergarten is located on the ground floor of a newly renovated home with a garden in Prague – Satalice, which has good bus and train connections.  Located nearby is a forest, train station, airport, and a large outdoor playground which the children enjoy visiting often.